About Us

Libertas Finance Group is a boutique finance broker with a primary focus on customer service and ensuring our clients have the right mortgage strategy in place to meet their future financial needs. We don’t just want to get borrowers into an optimal mortgage structure, we want the borrower to understand why it is optimal.

Mortgages have never been more complex. Not long ago it didn’t matter whether the loan was ‘owner- occupied or investment,’ ‘principal and interest or interest-only’ or what the ‘Loan to Value Ratio’ was, they all had the same interest rate. Today all of these variables help determine the interest rate. As mortgages become increasingly complex this only enhances the value proposition of a quality mortgage broker. Managed by an experienced mortgage broker with a wide scope of experience within the finance sector, Libertas Finance Group focuses on quality – in our service to you and the services you provide to your valued clients. We understand in a world of ever changing housing markets and legislation that it can be difficult to find the right path to maximise financial advantage when it comes to mortgages. Home owners and investors want clear, concise options with one point of contact in order to make the process of ownership as smooth and hassle free as possible whilst still being treated as a person, not a number.

Partnering with Libertas Finance Group is for you if:

  • You have clients looking to pay less on their current
  • Your philosophy is ‘where the client comes first’.
  • You have clients (or relatives of clients) looking to purchase an owner occupied or investment
  • Your clients are looking to begin or expand their property
  • You are looking for an effective debt reduction strategy through loan consolidation utilising a client’s

You are looking to expand your service offering to your clients.

Our Offering

With interest rates the lowest they have ever been, there has never been a better time for borrowers to get access to cheap, effective mortgages. The key is to get the mortgage that is tailored to meet the borrowers’ financial objectives. The Libertas Finance Group offering is to effectively take your client’s situation, develop an effective mortgage strategy and provide optimal loan solutions. Once the client has chosen their preferred option we take the application from its inception to submission and follow up with the chosen lender, keeping you informed every step of the way. We will be the single contact point so there is no hassle with having to try and chase up lenders in their various departments.